Things To Know Before Importing Appliances To Jamaica From The US

Moving is daunting and stressful. Moving countries and sometimes continents is uber stressful! Here are a few tips on shipping appliances that will help to make your move to paradise a bit less stressful…we hope.

Many people who relocate to Jamaica import appliances. Jamaica is on a 50 cycle while the US is on 60. We can’t speak for Europe and any other country other than the US; that is the extent of our experience. In our experience LG dryers work but Samsungs do not when shipped from the United States. One option is to use a gas dryer if it’s not LG, or just use LG. We use LG.

If you decide to import a gas range, you need to tell the salesperson you are purchasing for export. They will give you an orifice kit to replace the ones that come with the stove because we use propane in Jamaica. If you decide on an electric range, ensure its 50/60 cycle or purchase a 50 (those are usually special orders).

If you are participating in the “Returning Resident” program its more than likely you will ship furniture and appliances you already own. You should be able to still get the orifice, for gas ranges. Note: you will need to replace the orifice in the oven also not just the cooktop. You can purchase a transformer that will juice up the 50 and make it compatible with your 60 cycle appliances as needed. Get a professional to replace the orifices, especially the ones in the oven (there are 2, 1 for the broiler and 1 for the baking section of the oven).

To recap:

When importing appliances from the US to Jamaica:

  1. For electric dryers, LG is your friend
  2. Other brands, gas dryers are recommended and use a propane tank. Not recommended for apartments or condos
  3. Gas range, get orifices
  4. Get 50 cycle appliances if you can or you may need a transformer for 60 cycle appliances
  5. Welcome home!!!

Disclaimer: The above post is based on the experience of the author. Please consult with a licensed electrician before you purchase appliances and ship to Jamaica.

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