Why Buying Real Estate In The New Entertainment Mecca – Ocho Rios Jamaica Will Pay Off

Practically every weekend there is a party in Ochi, not to mention the holidays. Grizzly’s Plantation is ideal for events because its on the beach and no neighbors to call the police to enforce the “Noise Abatement Act.” Can you believe it! The birthplace of Reggae, the birthplace of Dancehall and the sound systems. People can hardly party after midnight, “when dance just start get nice.”

Well the promoters found a solution, and a very good one in my opinion. It started with Rebel Salute, I went to Grizzley’s for the first time in January 2017 to Rebel Salute, then I went to Bass Odyssey’s sound clash that Summer. I really loved it, it was a large venue, on a beach, and party can gwaan ‘til day light.

Grizzley’s Planation Cove is centrally located, its 1 hour from Montego Bay, 1 hour from Kingston, 15 minutes from Ocho Rios. New Year’s Day 2023 all roads led to Plantation Cove for the Intimate Show with Beers, Buju and several other reggae icons. The trend seems to be all shows are happening there due to the aforementioned Noise Abatement Act.

Richmond Estates and Planation Village are across the street. You can party all night and walk across the street and go home after. If that isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is! If you live that close I would recommend walking to the show because traffic jams can last for hours to get to the venue because people come from the four corners of the earth to attend these shows. Why buying in this area will pay off:

  1. Property will appreciate
  2. Great income potential – you can do airbnb for the events
  3. Vacation home for you and for when you want to party
  4. Retirement home
  5. A great safe neighborhood with good infrastructure and lots of amenities

New developments are popping up in the area monthly and now is the time to grab a piece of paradise. If you love good music, good food, good vibes, gorgeous beaches and good rum, this is the place for you. Get in while there are good deals to be had. Prices are on an uptick lately. Call me and I can sell you your piece of the rock and maybe we can mek a flex a Grizzley’s one a these days.

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